Synthetic mimetic is a series of vessels that are trying to capture the sculptural aesthetic possibilities that lay in foam.

My aim was to leave my mark, a finger print perhaps, on the vessel and to do so, on a material such as foam, I had to find the right technique.

By using the most barbaric way, by shredding piece by piece with my bear hands from a foam cube I was able to create a dynamic piece that examinates and reflects on the relationship between material and shape. The vessels have many oxymorons in them. By dealing with issues such as imitation and interpretation I was able to create a new take on modern tactility and how we experience the day to day synthetic materials that surround us. These vessels are an allegory about the human life and how they changed. Before the industrial revolution, humans were all surrounded by nature- rocks, trees, animals, etc… we had different colors around us, and different textures. Today, all we have around us in our immediate environment is colored and scented and engineered to the core. The synthetic mimetic vessels are trying to capture the longing to authentic nature and at the same time to celebrate progress and its many benefits, and maybe combine both emotions into one

My way of breaking the mold was to take a different prespective at the foam as a material and at the same time at the rock itself. By sculpting a light weighted rock resembled vessel from bright toxic blue foam I've created a new take on nowadays nature by concept and on the other side I was able to create a different kind of material usage and tactility that is unfamiliar.

all photos by Mel Bergman